Keith Two Bit Mathews

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Personality Examination

as a result of S.E. Hinton
Keith "Two-Bit" Mathews, is without a doubt 18 together with your 50 %, along with still a fabulous Freshman with increased institution. and additionally an important supporting individuality for Typically the Outsiders.He might be a Inch older together with typically the wisecracker connected with this bunch." He or she is essentially the 2nd oldest (Darry is certainly 20), plus is best-known meant for taking.
S.E. Hinton
Keith "Two-Bit" Mathews: A good wise-cracking kleptomaniac. Ken Randle: Sodapop's most effective colleague considering that score university. Timothy "Tim" Shepard: Leader about an additional greaser gang: a strong ordered the town center a person. The guy is without a doubt equally an important colleague with Dally's. Curly Shepard: Bob Shepard's young .

Two-Bit Mathews

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